Jared A. Carnie lives in Sheffield.

He also writes.

When Jared A. Carnie met Jared A. Carnie

imageTo be honest, when they told me the next person I’d be interviewing was Jared A. Carnie, I was underwhelmed. I’m a hard-hitting journalist with a nose for the biggest stories. In today’s crazy world, with Trump hell-bent on kick-starting armageddon, and Jeremy Corbyn maybe not having a train seat, why was I being sent to interview this young author? I really had no idea. For the first time in my career as a journalist, I nearly didn’t turn up to an interview.I’m happy to admit now I was mistaken. My doubts were entirely unfounded. I found Carnie charming, glamorous, engaging, witty and frankly very attractive. In my opinion, everyone on the planet should buy his book.Interview conducted in person at an undisclosed location

What is your new book Waves about?I think it’s mainly about uncertainty. Is that it?My publisher once said to me he thinks “it’s about those times in your life when you don’t know what the fuck you’re doing.” That’s how I know I found the right publisher.Anything else you have to say about it?Well, it’s set in the Outer Hebrides.You don’t seem very talkative. Do you have somewhere else to be?No, no. I’m just nervous. You’ve got a reputation as a tough journalist. I’m choosing my words carefully.Let’s try something lighter. What are some things other people have put out this year that you have enjoyed?Lady Dynamite. Sara Pascoe - Animal. Bridget Christie - A Book For Her. Saul Williams - Martyr. Loser. King. Brian Fallon - Painkillers. I Don’t Cares - Wild Stab. Bob Mehr - Trouble Boys. Dean Lilleyman - Gospel According to Johnny Bender. Chance the Rapper - Coloring Book. BearHugs Gifts. Kanye West - Life of Pablo. Comedian’s Comedian (podcast). This Feels Terrible (podcast). Iggy Pop - Post Pop Depression. Savages - Adore Life. PJ Harvey - Hope Six Demolition Project. Beyonce - Lemonade. Skepta - Konnichiwa. Axl Rose fronting AC/DC. Everybody Wants Some. Hail, Caesar. Sing Street. Orange is the New Black Season 4. Girls Season 5. Broad City Season 3.Now we’re rolling. What are some other things you have enjoyed this year?Bo Burnham - Make Happy. Silicon Valley Season 3. Comedy Bang Bang (podcast). Celebration Rock (podcast). Book Shambles (podcast). Chris Gethard Show Season 2. Down in the Hole (podcast). Kano - Made in the Manor. Emily Harrison - I Can’t Sleep ‘Cause My Beds on Fire. Adam Buxton (podcast). Distraction Pieces (podcast). WTF (podcast). Slash and Duff rejoining Guns N Roses. Anderson Paak - Malibu. The People vs. OJ Simpson. And Still I Rise (documentary). Gregory Corso - The Whole Shot. Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle Series 4. Fleabag. The Julie Ruin - Hit Reset.Do you collect anything?I have a collection of Guns N Roses bootlegs that appals everyone who sees it. How do you feel about Waves being released?Like all worthwhile firsts, part excitement, part terror.What is the best thing about Waves?There’s one passage in it that is really quite good. I also believe that it’s not a chore to read, which is more than can be said for a lot of books.What is the worst thing about Waves?There is one particular issue that I won’t be sharing with you.What is the most remarkable thing you have learned in 2016?11% of football league clubs currently have a player on loan from Chelsea.2016 has been a noteworthy year for celebrity deaths. What are some other noteworthy years?In 1977 Elvis, Charlie Chaplin, Groucho Marx, Joan Crawford and Bing Crosby all passed away.1980 saw the deaths of John Lennon, Steve McQueen, Alfred Hitchcock, Peter Sellers, Mae West, Jesse Owens, Bon Scott, Ian Curtis and John Bonham. What is your biggest fear?That my girlfriend will never get as well as she wants to be. That I still suffer from immense depression and I’ve just managed to cultivate it into something functional somehow.How long did it take you to write Waves?Longer than one month. Less than six years.What can people expect from the Waves launch night? (Editors note: September 17th in Sheffield)Well, it’ll be my phone plugged into the speakers, so there will be plenty of music I like and plenty of music everyone else doesn’t. There will be readings from Eddy Baker - who is very funny, James Giddings - who is destined for greatness, Dean Lilleyman - who has already achieved greatness, and me - who will be very socially anxious.There may also be some live music, but that is currently under discussion.Copies of Waves will be available to take away on a donation basis. All donations will go to Spoonie Survival Kits and Sophia Galpin’s GoFundMe. These are both things that are very important to me.Where do you get your ideas from?Tom Waits, mostly.Are you working on another book?Yes. It’ll probably be called Oranges. It is not really about oranges.Jared A. Carnie is an author from the UK. His debut novel, Waves, is out on September 15th 2016.Jared A. Carnie is a journalist from the UK. He can be found at www.jaredacarnie.com. 

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