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5 Questions With...Christina Philippou

lost-in-staticChristina Philippou and I are publication buddies. What do you mean? Of course that’s a thing. Everyone knows that. Publication buddies! You know! Publication buddies! No?Well, on September 15th, we both had our debut novels enter the world, which makes us publication buddies. Prior to September 15th, Christina and I bonded over our shared feelings on how strange the weeks preceding a book release are. Christina was generous enough to interview me for her site here. She was also kind enough to answer questions for my site in return. Lost In Static was released on, you guessed it, September 15th and the great reviews have been rolling in on Amazon and Goodreads. The book is available everywhere now - find links at the bottom of the interview.

Do you remember when you first had the idea for what became Lost in Static?I had a ‘disagreement’ with my husband over how we had actually got together, followed by a recount of the previous night’s party with a friend of mine, and I realised that their take on both events differed quite substantially to mine. Which got me thinking that I wanted to read a book of the same events from different perspectives and, when I struggled to find a multiple point-of-view novel without a pass-the-baton approach to events, I decided to write one…What sort of reader do you think will enjoy Lost in Static the most?Good question! Readers that like to question events, those that like ‘unreliable’ narrators, and those that enjoy pacy writing.Are you currently working on a follow up to Lost in Static?I’m currently finishing writing my second novel, which is darker in nature than Lost in Static, but still plays with perspective (more subtly, seeing changes over time instead of from different individuals).How do you first get involved with the idea of Britfic?I was enjoying a newsletter from a group of crime writers and I realised that while there were groups of authors for crime and for romance and other genres, there didn’t seem to be a group of contemporary fiction authors out there. And so Britfic was born.Finally, what was the last thing (book, place, song etc) that you totally fell in love with?Ooooo – good question. I recently went camping in the Chantries, in the Surrey Hills, and I fell in love with the place – a combination of the stars at night and majestic views in the morning.

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